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About Our Business

Rising Prosperity Solutions has been handling personalized financial consulting and credit repair services within the Massachusetts region. With our experience in credit counseling no issue is too large or complex for us to manage. Contact us and learn how easy credit can be when you let us take care of everything.

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Meet the Team

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Jade Victoria Pena

Owner, CEO

Jade Pena started this company with the vision of helping others. She is an expert at answering even the most complex credit questions, since she began to understand credit almost 15 years ago when working in a mortgage company at the young age of 19. Jade enjoyed learning how the process worked starting with pulling customers credit reports. During her time at the mortgage company she had taken extensive notes and took the American Real Estate Academy and the Massachusetts Loan Originators courses. Jade learned all the steps it takes in front of and behind the scenes to purchase a house. With a young family of her own she found it necessary to fix her own credit and go through the process to buy her own house, which she accomplished by age 22 with a 720 FICO score. Jade spent over 5 years in the mortgage company assisting buyers to obtain loans and her goal today is to help others be able to do the same by teaching the benefits of having excellent credit and a secure financial structure.
Let her help you achieve your goals to get on track & build generational wealth.

About: Meet the Team
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